Lachlan Fyfe


"I discovered calisthenics in early 2011 when watching a music video on YouTube. My first at training was that afternoon and I haven’t looked back since. From training calisthenics I reached my optimal weight of 75kgs from a starting weight of 63kg in my first year of training. I have seen far greater strength benefits from calisthenics than I even did in gym and sports training. Thanks to calisthenics I can achieve feats like the one arm chin-up, which for my whole life I believed just wasn’t physically possible for me. I am very happy with how far my strength and self-esteem have grown through training and I want to do my best to help others achieve the same."

Andrew Conellan


"I started training calisthenics with Lachlan several years ago, and since then he has started his own business without losing the focus he originally started training with. Lachlan is a great trainer, who really wants to see you improve and progress, he has taught many students since the opening of Raising the Bar Training, and they have achieved many skills and strengths they believed lay outside their potential. Raising the Bar sessions are built around you, with programs tailored to your goals. As for my personal experience, I’ve been training alongside Lachlan for a long time, and without his commitment to training, I’d have never have gotten to the point of my training that I am at now."

Ash White


"Regardless of your fitness level, age or gender, Raising the Bar training offers a fun, affordable and most importantly, personalised way to build your upper body strength."

Liam Napier


"I have felt my whole life I haven't felt accepted anywhere but when I entered raising the bar I felt accepted right away."

Ryan Weate


"Since joining raising the bar i have seen massive improvements in my overall strength and fitness. The positive, safe and supportive atmosphere is amazing, and i could not ask for better training!"

Dylan Steginga


"Since joint RTB Iv'e gained a much better understanding of form and correct training. This has led to me achieving feats of strength I wouldn't of ever imagined myself doing. If I were to ever recommend any type of training calisthenics would be paramount to anything else."

Blake Tucker


"I was initially nervous about going a gym, and figured, given my interest in parkour that RTB would be a grea place to start. Over a year later I couldn't be happier with the progression that Iv'e made and people that I have met. The sense of community and support that I get coming to RTB was definitely a contributing factor to my commitment to training as well as the practicality of the training; both things I feel I would not have experienced at a local gym chain."



"I started lachlan’s classes as 1 on 1 with the intention of weight loss and possible growth in my strength. I had previously been to a gym and had personal training classes but never recieved the devotion that lachlan provides. I completed a 3 month 1 on 1 class losing a total of 10 kg and have never looked back. I continue to attend his classes in a group setting as my confidence has boosted and I enjoy spending time with the other members of raising the bar as they are just as encouraging. Lachlan is a personal friend but when he teaches class he becomes not only a leader but a role model for my self and others. His compassionate approach and attention to each person’s personal growth makes him the best trainer I have ever had. I look forward to continuing my journey with lachlan wherever it might take me."

Simon O'brien


"Having tried to stay away from gyms and the gym culture, Raising The Bar has offered a very pleasing alternative.Lachlan should be commended on the supportive, friendly, and welcoming culture that he has been able to create from both his passion and enthusiasm and the passion and enthusiasm of all members. The calisthenic style training has let me see improvements in myself in as little as three months and will continue to do so well into the future, with Lachlan as a trainer who always knows when to give those extra words of encouragement allowing you to push yourself further then you ever thought you could. I would highly recommend Raising The Bar to anyone interested or considering improving their fitness levels, the friendly, relaxed atmosphere mixed with the style of training always means that I leave a session feeling good ... albeit a little sore."

Andrew Tsaka


"Lachlan was one of the most kind and dedicated trainers id ever had, he taught me the ins and out of so many (parkour) techniques and the muscle up and i’d think of him more as a mentor and a friend then a trainer."

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