Raising The Bar Training is the first Calisthenics and Streetworkout gym in Australia, located at 3/352 Melton road. Our training focuses around calisthenic exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, pushups, uni and bi lateral squats, jumping, running and core development.

The gym aims to challenge and encourage clients regardless of their physical fitness in a supportive community atmosphere. Clients will be developing a level of strength capable of feats like muscle ups, the human flag and beyond.

Instructor Lachlan Fyfe will be at the gym during all open hours ready to provide instructions, demonstrations, moral support and answer any questions that may arise. Raising The Bar Training is open 4-9pm weekdays and 10am-12pm Sundays.

The benefits of calisthenics include increases in: strength, power, muscle mass, endurance, functional strength, weight loss, metabolism and strength to weight ratio. Calisthenics training is used to enhance Parkour, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Martial Arts and Sports.

Whether or not you can do 1 Chip-up or you can do 10 Chin-ups Raising The Bar Training will take you to the next level in your functional strength.

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