If you have seen the videos of people training in parks doing pull-ups, muscle-ups, human flags and one-arm chin-ups that is exactly what we train for.

At Raising The Bar Training we pride ourselves on our strong community atmosphere. We all know each other and everyone is welcoming and inclusive regardless of differing strength levels. We support each other instead of competing with each other, we train hard and we still have fun.

Rather than focusing on the achievements of others or the achievements of the strongest members at Raising The Bar Training we draw attention to the achievements of each individual member. As a community we believe that each person deserves recognition for their hard work.

We are dedicated to showing that bodybuilding, weightlifting and isolation exercises are NOT the only ways to build strength and muscle mass. When training with weights at Raising The Bar Training we use functional weighted exercises like: Squats, weighted pull-up and chin-ups, Deadlifts, weighted dips and push-ups and bench press.

We are not training to wreck ourselves, no one will ever tell you to go hard or go home. We don’t train to get “swole” and “shredded” for “gains”. We train hard frequently using pushing, pulling and leg exercises inspired by street workout and worldwide calisthenics groups. This is where we get our motto “Don’t get big get strong”.

Calisthenics is not just for men we strongly encouraged woman and the youth to give it a go.

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